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    Products fall broadly into multiple areas of application and are used within general industry, automotive industry, for railway and trackside applications, energy measurement relating to railway on-board applications, energy and automation, battery monitoring, and in Wi-LEM – wireless sub-metering networks that measure energy consumption.

    The Wireless Local Energy Meter (Wi-LEM) is a complete sub-metering network that is fast and easy to install. The Wi-LEM family consists of:
    Energy Meter Nodes (EMN) – an assembly of 1 to 3 current transducers with its signal processing module. They can be deployed to measure energy consumption at any point in the power cabinet and transmit the data.

    • Industry applications
    • Railway and trackside applications
    • Energy measurement for railway on-board applications
    • Energy & Automation
    • Battery monitoring
    • Wi-Pulse – a dual inputs pulse counter used to transmit values from electric, gas and water meters.
    • Wi-Zone – a temperature and humidity transducer battery powered.
    • Wi-Temp – a 2 temperature probes transducer battery powered.
    • Mesh Nodes – a repeater linking various Nodes. They enable wireless communications throughout a large installation.
    • Mesh Gate – a gateway managing the mesh network. It provides data through serial interface to a PC.